Top 10 Trending Scams

Scams are constantly evolving and going in and out of fashion. Here is a list of the top ten currently trending scams.

1. Income Tax Identity Theft

Income tax identity theft is a multi-billion dollar problem and is in high gear now that the income tax filing season is upon us. It occurs when an identity thief files a phony income tax return using your Social Security number and manages to get an income tax refund based on a counterfeit W-2. It can also result in tremendous delays in your receiving your legitimate income tax refund.

Income Tax Identity Theft Scams

2. Cryptocurrency Scams

Many older forms of scams including pump and dump scams, Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes have been adapted to use various forms of cryptocurrencies as the basis for the scams due to the popularity of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Scams

3. Phony Lottery Scams

It is hard to win a lottery, particularly one that you have not entered and yet phony lottery scams continue to be one of the most commonly used and effective scams.

Phony Lottery Scams

4. Ransomware

Ransomware by which all of the data in your computer is locked due to unwittingly downloaded malware has become one of the most common scams in the world threatening individuals, businesses and government agencies.


5. Employment Scams

Employment scams, work at home scams and other job opportunities are a major scam.

Employment Scams

6. Tech Support Scams

Phony tech support scams perpetrated by pop-ups on your computer or telephone calls are a major current scam. The scammer convinces the victim to pay for unnecessary and possibly dangerous phony tech support.

Tech Support Scams

7. Robocalls

Automated computer generated fraudulent telemarketing robocalls are now the top consumer complaint to the Federal Trade Commission.

Robocalls Scams

8. Investment Scams

Investment scams of varying kinds, such as the infamous pump-and-dump scam are a continuing threat to everyone.

Investment Scams

9. Government Grant Scams

Emails, text messages or advertisements promoting phony government grants for which victims are lured into paying fees represent a popular scam at this time.

Government Grant Scams

10. Phishing Scams

The most dangerous malware downloaded by people on to their computers and smartphones is almost always unwittingly downloaded through socially engineered phishing emails and text messages.

Phishing Scams