About Steve Weisman

Steve has appeared on many television shows and spoken at numerous meetings and conferences. Here are some reviews of his performances.

“Incredibly informative and entertaining.” 

Lenore Tracey – Torchlight

“Steve provided a timely coronavirus scams presentation, which had wide-ranging and thought provoking insights.  Even within our virtual environment, Steve was easy to work with and was able to retain audience attention with his detailed and u-to-date insights.”  

Central Ohio ACFE Chapter, James Rumph, President

“Steve Weisman brings an incredible wealth of knowledge to protecting oneself and recovering from identity theft and related scams.  His highly recognized international expertise is communicated in a practical, easy to understand way in which everyone can benefit.  His books and blog are a go-to for anyone who has been scammed.  Five stars.” 

Valrie Chambers – Stetson University

“Fantastic and educational presentation with information that I can implement immediately .” 

Financial Planners Association

“Steve knows how to transform daunting subject matter into an enlightening and engaging presentation.  He is helping us protect our clients’ wealth by educating them about how to defend themselves against identity theft.  If you are looking for an expert, Steve is your guy!”

VWG Wealth Management

“Steve Weisman is the leading expert in talk media for solid information and insights into the growing problem of fraud, scams and identity theft.”

Michael Harrison – Publisher Talkers Magazine

“When it comes to protecting your identity or money, no one knows more than Steve.”

Emily Volz – NBC 1- WJAR news anchor

“Steve Weisman was a great speaker to our group.  He has a special way of covering serious topics that has you laughing at the same time you are learning important advice.”

Ron Nathan – Columbus Life Insurance

“Steve has a gift for transforming the ‘highly technical’ into everyday English.  You won’t be disappointed.”

J.D. Hayworth – Host of America’s Forum on NewsMax Broadcasting

“There is no better authority on preventing identity theft than Steve.  He knows the latest tactics employed by the bad guys who are committing this ever-evolving crime.”

Mike Nikitas – News Anchor on New England Cable News

“In this digital age, Steve Weisman Weisman is your new best friend, and unlike your ‘friends’ on Facebook, he will not put you in danger of identity theft.”

Doug Stephan – Host nationally syndicated Good Day Show

“Steve substitutes straight talk for legal mumbo-jumbo.  Listening to Steve is like getting a black belt in consumer self-defense.”

Jim Bohannon – Host nationally syndicated Jim Bohannon Show

“Identity theft is one of the largest growing areas of crime and in today’s world it gets more difficult to know if we are safe.  Thank goodness we have Steve Weisman to help us.”

Alan Colmes – Fox News

“Steve’s presentation to our Ouachita Speaker Series was not only informative, it was the gift that keeps on giving!  Those in attendance thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and learned much about how to protect themselves from scams and identity theft.”

Cathie MoellerOuachita Speaking Series

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