We are in the middle of the Fall high school sports seasons and more and more people are choosing to watch the games streaming online rather than attend the games in person.  Streaming of high school sports increased dramatically during the pandemic and even now that the pandemic has ended, many people still enjoy watching the games streamed.  Unfortunately, anything that many people enjoy will always be something that scammers take note of and scammers are going on social media posing as a streaming service and posting links through which people can sign up for streaming of their local high school’s games.  People clicking on these links are prompted for personal information including their credit card to sign up for the service that they never receive.  Instead all they end up doing is becoming victims of identity theft and credit card fraud.


The simplest way to avoid this scam is to ignore any posts on social media or through emails, text messages or phone calls that offer to provide streaming of high school sports because it is pretty much impossible to know if they are legitimate or not.  The best way to find out where you can stream your high school’s games is to contact your local high school’s athletic department and ask if they stream their games and if they do, where do you sign up.

Also, as I constantly remind you, never use your debit card for any purchase because you do not get the same protection from fraudulent use of your debit card that you do with your credit card.  With your debit card, potentially your entire bank account tied to your debit card is in jeopardy in the event of fraudulent use of it.

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