I have been writing about various cryptocurrency scams since 2014 and they only appear to be getting worse.  The most recent cryptocurrency scam involves an AI created deepfake video that is turning up on TikTok that appears to show Elon Musk being interviewed on Fox News promoting a free cryptocurrency giveaway.  In the TikTok post you are prompted to register a cryptocurrency account using a promo code provided in the TikTok video.  At that point it will appear as if Bitcoin is deposited into your cryptocurrency wallet.  However, when you try to withdraw the free Bitcoins, you are instructed that you must activate your account by depositing Bitcoins worth approximately $132.  Of course, you never receive any free Bitcoins, but the Bitcoins you deposit in the account go directly to the scammer.


This is an easy scam to avoid.  Regardless of how legitimate a video you may see on TikTok or any other social media may appear, no one is giving away free cryptocurrencies.  If you still think that Elon Musk or anyone else is actually doing so, you can merely do a search engine search to confirm that this is a scam.

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