Phishing emails are perhaps the most common way people are scammed or become victims of identity theft.  Phishing emails appear to come from a legitimate company with which you may do business and lure you into clicking on malware infected links or provide personal information that leads to your becoming a victim of identity theft.

The particular phishing email  shown below which was sent to me by a savvy Scamicide reader is very sophisticated, having a legitimate appearing DIRECTV logo.  The grammar and punctuation are good and even the email address of the sender looks like it is a legitimate email address of DIRECTV although it is not..  Often a telltale sign that the email is a part of a scam is that the email address of the sender has absolutely nothing to do with the real company, but is the email address of a hacked email account made a part of a botnet.

While this is a very legitimate appearing email that uses the DIRECTV logo, it is clearly a scam.  Never click on a link in an email or text message or provide personal information unless you have confirmed that the email or text message is legitimate.
Some of the other indications that this is a phishing email is that the name of the person receiving the email does not appear in the salutation.  Her email address, which I have blocked out, is merely inserted into the phishing email.  Additionally, hovering over the links in the email (which I have disarmed) indicates that clicking on the links would not take you to a legitimate DIRECTV site.  Additionally, asking you to click on “Forgot Password” is another red flag that this is a phishing email.
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Hi Valued Customer,

Thank you for being a DIRECTV® customer.

We noticed you recently changed some services on your account and want to ensure you still have access to all the great TV entertainment and account management features on DIRECTV.

Please assist us by logging in with the User ID we have on record: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Just click this link, then choose the option for “Forgot Password”.

Enroll in AutoPay and Paperless billing to make paying your monthly bill easier. Please note, your enrollment will be activated with your next bill and your balance will be paid automatically every month on the payment method you choose.

This information will be securely saved on file to make accessing your DIRECTV account as easy as possible.

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Never click on links or provide information in response to an email you receive unless you have absolutely confirmed that it is legitimate.  If you have any questions you can always call or email the real company at a phone number or email address that you know is correct.  Never use an email address or phone number provided in the email. Trust me, you can’t trust anyone.

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