We are all getting so familiar with scams being communicated by way of phone calls, text messages and emails that it was a little bit surprising to learn of a new scam about which the IRS recently issued a warning that involves an old- fashioned snail mail letter that comes to you in a cardboard envelope that appears to come from the IRS.  The letter contains the logo of the IRS although that is very easy to counterfeit.  The letter informs you that you have an unclaimed tax refund and asks for you to provide your cellphone number, bank routing information, bank account information and your Social Security number.  If you provide this information, you will end up becoming a victim of identity theft as well as having your bank account looted.

The scammers creating this letter apparently are not terribly sophisticated in the use of AI because the letter is filled with improper grammar and punctuation which is a red flag that it is a scam.


As I often tell you, whenever you get a phone call, text message or email that purports to be from the IRS, you can be confident that it is a scam because the IRS does not initiate contact with taxpayers by phone, text messages or emails.  The IRS, however, does contact people by regular snail mail so it is not unusual to receive a letter from the IRS, however, letters from the IRS will not have improper grammar and punctuation.

In regard to information about any refunds to which you may be entitled, you should go to the IRS website section which will provide you with information about any refunds to which you may be entitled.  Here is the link.https://www.irs.gov/refunds

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