Over the years I have written numerous times about the problems presented by robocalls and with good reason.  Automated robocalls which, for commercial purposes, are illegal, are the number one consumer complaint reported by the public to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at a cost to consumers of billions of dollars each year. Robocalls are used by scammers to perpetrate a wide variety of scams.   Recently the Attorneys General for all of the states except Alaska and South Dakota filed a lawsuit against Avid Telecom, a company accused of making 7.5 million robocalls to people who have registered their names on the Federal Do Not Call List since 2019 in violation of the law.  The lawsuit also accuses Avid Telecom of using robocalls to perpetrate Social Security scams, Medicare scams, auto warranty scams, Amazon scams, DirecTV scams and credit card interest rate scams as well as illegally using spoofing to make their calls appear as if they were coming from legitimate governmental agencies such as the FBI.


We, as consumers have a number of options for preventing robocalls including a number of apps that for free or a small fee will  reduce and, in some instances prevent, robocalls.

Samsung’s SmartCall informs you if the call you are receiving is from a known robocaller. This feature is available with newer Samsung Galaxy phones. Here is a link to information about SmartCall and instructions as to how to activate this app.  https://www.samsung.com/global/galaxy/apps/smart-call/#:~:text=The%20Smart%20Call%20function%20lets,Suspected%20to%20be%20spam

Google also has a spam blocker that will warn you when you are receiving a robocall and your screen will turn red. Here is a link to information about the app and how to install it.

AT&T also offers free apps to block robocalls on iPhones and Android phones. Here is a link to information about these apps.

Verizon’s CallerName ID is a free service for iPhones and Android phones that will alert you to suspected robocallers. Here is a link to Verizon’s app.

T-Mobile offers a free scam blocker of known robocallers for Android phones which you can activate by merely dialing #662#

Sprint offers a paid service to protect your iPhone or Android phone from robocalls. For more information, use this link

Finally, you can just choose to ignore any calls that come from numbers you do not recognize.   This is a good option.  If they are legitimate calls, they will leave a message and you can call them back.

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