Medicaid health insurance is presently used by more than ninety-three million people, however, this number is expected to drop by as many as eighteen million people because of recent changes in the law.  During the pandemic Congress passed legislation that prevented the individual states from dropping people from their Medicaid rolls, however, now that the health emergency declaration prompted by the Covid pandemic is over, no longer are the states prevented from dropping people from their Medicaid rolls.  This means that people eligible for Medicaid now need to re-enroll in their state’s Medicaid program in order to continue to receive Medicaid benefits.

Medicaid can be quite confusing and, unfortunately, scammers are there to take advantage of the confusion, particularly now that people need to re-enroll.  Scammers will be calling, texting and emailing people posing as state Medicaid officials asking for credit card or bank account information in order to qualify for Medicaid.


Although you may actually receive a call, text or email regarding renewing your Medicaid enrollment, no state’s Medicaid program will ask for credit card information or your bank account number.  Also, there is no fee to enroll in Medicaid.  Remember that even if your Caller ID indicates the call is from Medicaid, scammers can spoof the phone number of Medicaid so it appears on your phone as if the call is coming from Medicaid.

The best way to learn about eligibility for Medicaid in your state is to go to and scroll down to the section where you can type in your state’s name.

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