It is not an overstatement to say that Taylor Swift is one of the most popular singers of all time.  Tickets to her concert tour are in great demand with many of her fans (called Swifties) desperate to buy tickets to her concerts.  This desperation is not missed by scammers who have been selling phony tickets to her fans who end up going to the concert only to be doubly disappointed as they are turned away at the door and lose the money they used to pay for the tickets.

Scammers are selling their phony tickets on Craigslist, social media such as Facebook marketplace, through unsolicited emails and text messages as well as through pop-up ads.


Always buy your tickets from legitimate sources that you have confirmed are legitimate with your local state’s attorney general. Buying tickets directly from the venue box office or reputable ticket sale or exchange sites is the safest way to buy tickets. Even then, check with the Federal Trade Commission for any complaints against these companies offering ticket sales.  Never wire money for tickets because once money is wired, it is gone forever, leaving you with no recourse if the tickets are phony.  Only pay through a credit card where you would be in a good position to get your money back if the sale is a scam.  Never pay with a debit card where you have far less legal protection in the event of fraud. Nor should you pay by a gift card or services like Venmo.    When buying tickets on-line using your credit card, make sure that the connection is secure. Always look for the prefix https rather than http in order to confirm that the data is encrypted as it is being transferred.

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