ABC’s  “Shark Tank” is a popular reality show where entrepreneurs present their ideas for a wide variety of products to five successful “sharks” of industry who have been successful entrepreneurs themselves.  In the show the contestants vie to get the “sharks” to invest in their companies and products.  Of course, anything popular with the public is popular with scammers so it is not surprising that scams have recently been turning up where scammers are attempting to lure people into buying their phony products by providing fake Shark Tank celebrity testimonials complete with doctored photos and videos.  Unfortunately, it is all a scam.


B.S.  Be skeptical.  Before you consider buying a product that appears to be endorsed by a Shark Tank celebrity, use your search engine to find product reviews.  It also can be helpful to search using the name of the product and adding the words “scam” or “complaints” to see what you can find.

Another good way to investigate whether a product indeed was actually endorsed by Shark Tank is to to the show’s website to see a full list of all of the businesses that actually have appeared on the show.  The email address is

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