Super Bowl LVII between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles is only a few days away and it is estimated that this game could have the largest amount of Super Bowl best in history with estimates of as much as a billion dollars expected to be bet on the outcome of the game.  Until 2019, Nevada was the only state with legalized sports betting, but now thirty-six states have legalized sports gambling

Of course, however, anything attracting that much public interest has also attracted interest from scammers around the world who have set up bogus online betting websites that may appear legitimate, but end up stealing your money and not paying anything to “winners” using their websites.

So how do you know which sites you can trust?


The first step to take is to determine if online sports betting is legal in your particular state.   This link will inform you if sports gambling is legal in your state as well as provide information about legitimate sports gambling companies as well as indicate which states they are licensed in and how to place a wager.   Be wary of sports betting sites that are not based in the United States.

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