In 2016 the FTC settled a lawsuit it brought against NutraClick LLC a company that lured consumers with “free” samples of health and beauty products and then charged them a recurring monthly fee without their consent.  In 2020, the FTC sued NutraClick again for misleading consumers when they tried to cancel their “free” trial memberships to avoid monthly charges.  Now the FTC is returning $973,000 to 17,064 people who were victimized by NutraClick.  The funds for the refund were obtained from payments made by NutraClick pursuant to its settlement agreements with the FTC.  The FTC is now sending checks to people who were charged for unwanted memberships.


For more information about this refund program go to the tab in the middle of the Scamicide home page entitled “FTC Scam Refunds.”  It is important to note that there is never a charge for obtaining a refund through the FTC or any of its refund administrators.  Anyone who asks for such a payment is just another scammer.

As for health care products in general, the truth is that there are no quick fixes when it comes to remedying a wide variety of health issues and you should be wary of any product that promises to do so.  You should also be wary of any health care product that is sold exclusively either over the Internet or through mail-order advertisements. The best course of action is to ask your physician about the effectiveness of a particular product or program before you consider buying it.

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