On Point Global is a company that between January 2017 and December of 2019 operated a scam in which they set up hundreds of deceptive websites that promised quick and easy government services such as renewing a driver’s license or applying for various public benefit programs.  The names of the websites were quite misleading with names such as DMV.com and floridadriverslicense.org that led people to believe they were dealing with legitimate government entities.

The truth is that when consumers paid for assistance in obtaining the promised services, they merely received a PDF containing publicly available information that was readily available elsewhere for free.  In other instances, consumers provided personal information, purportedly to enable On Point Global to determine if they were eligible for public benefits, but instead  all they received were unwanted sales and marketing contacts.


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sued On Point Global in 2019  and, as a result of recently winning its case in court, is now returning 102 million dollars in refunds to consumers who lost money to the scam or who provided sensitive personal information to On Point Global.  Some victims of the scam received emails during the Spring with instructions as to how to apply for a refund.  The emails came from noreply@onpointclaimform.com.

If you were a victim of the scam and didn’t  receive such an email, you should should go to https://www.onpointclaimform.com/ to file a claim.  It is important to note that your claim must be submitted no later than August 31st.

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