While spam text messages may seem like merely an irritating inconvenience, they also pose a significant threat if you do not respond properly.  Spam text messages that come in on your phone most likely did not even come from another phone, but more likely from a computer using an instant messaging account or even an email address.

The key to avoiding problems is to not respond to the spam text message.  Responding in any way confirms to the spammer that your cell phone number is a legitimate one and by responding you will have opened the door to a barrage of more spam text messages.

The goal of many spam text messages is to get you to click on links or provide personal information asked for under a variety of pretenses.  Never click on any link in a text message or an email unless you have absolutely confirmed that the message is legitimate.  The risk of downloading harmful malware is too great.  Whenever you get an email or a text message, you can never be sure who is really sending it so even if it appears legitimate, you should not provide personal information that can be used to make you a victim of identity theft.


If you think that a text message requesting personal information is really coming from your bank or some other legitimate sender, you still shouldn’t click on any links or provide any information in response to the text message.  Rather you should contact your bank or other legitimate source appearing to send the text message at a phone number that you know is legitimate and not one found in the text message.

Examine your cell phone bill regularly to make sure that you are not charged for any spam text messages and if one or more appear, notify your carrier to remove the charge.

You also should block the sender of the spam text messages.  On your Android phone go the three dots at the top right corner of the text.  Click on it.  Select “People” and then “Options” and finally “Block.”  For iPhones click on the “i” at the top right corner of the text and then click on the number and select “Block.”

Finally, you should report the spam text message to your cell phone carrier.

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