The Federal Trade Commission sued the Saint James School of Medicine, a for-profit medical school located on the Caribbean island of Anguilla for its deceptive marketing practices by which they lured students with false representations of the pass rates of their students on medical license exams and their residency matching program.  When soliciting students through sales calls, presentations and marketing materials, Saint James representatives claimed the pass rate for their students on medical licensing exams was 96.77% when the truth is since 2017 only 35% of their students passed these exams.  In regard to their residency matching program, Saint James representatives said their residency matching program was successful 83% of the time when the true figure since 2018 was 63%.

As a result of a court judgment in this case, Saint James School of Medicine will be pay 1.2 million dollars which will go toward refunds and debt cancellation for students who financed their education there during the last five years.


If you are considering attending a for-profit school, first check it out with the United States Department of Education’s website at to make sure it is an accredited institution.

You also should investigate whether a local college, university or community college would be more cost effective for you.  For-profit colleges and universities are often more expensive than these other alternatives without offering any distinct advantages.  Also, check out the graduation rates of any for profit college you are considering and finally, investigate the job prospects in your field of study.  Don’t just take the word of the college.

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