March Madness is behind us and the NCAA’s annual Division One Men’s Basketball Championship was an exciting event with 67 games that attracted attention from not only casual sports fans, but the millions of people who bet more than three billion dollars on the games.  March Madness is the biggest sports gambling event in the United States, dwarfing the one billion dollars bet each year on the Super Bowl and with online sports betting allowed in thirty states, it is easier to do than ever.

Of course, however, anything attracting that much public interest has also attracted interest from scammers around the world who have set up bogus online betting websites that may appear legitimate, but end up stealing your money and not paying anything to “winners” using their websites.

So how do you know which sites you can trust?


The first step to take is to determine if online sports betting is legal in your particular state.   Since the Supreme Court decision authorizing online sports gambling in 2018 thirty states have legalized online sports gambling.   Here is a link from ESPN with a list of all of the states where online sports gambling is legal.

If sports gambling is legal in your state, you should then go online and find which particular online gambling websites have been approved and licensed in your state.  For instance, in New York, PointsBet and WynnBet are two of the eight licensed sports books in the state of New York.

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