Many Verizon customers are reporting receiving an odd text message that appears to have been sent from the customer’s own phone number.  It reads “Free Msg: Your bill is paid for March.  Thank, here’s a little gift for you.”   The message contains a link for you to click on to get your “gift.”  The message isn’t coming from your phone, but is made to appear to have been sent from your phone by using a technique called “spoofing” which enables the person sending the message to disguise the real number sending the message and make it appear to come from whatever number the sender wishes.

The goal of this smishing text message (the name for a phishing message sent as a text message) is to lure you into clicking on the link, which you should not do.  In some instances, clicking on the link may take you to an official appearing Verizon website that will ask you for personal information that will be used to make you a victim of identity theft.  Alternatively, merely clicking on the link, in some instances may download dangerous malware, such as keystroke logging malware.


As I often tell you, whenever you get a phone call, text message or email, you can never be sure who is actually communicating with you so anytime you are asked for personal information, asked for a payment or asked to click on a link you should not do it unless and until you have absolutely confirmed that the communication is legitimate.  In this case, there are no circumstances under which this text message could be legitimate so the best thing to do is to merely delete it.

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