A Scamicide reader recently informed me that she had received an early morning weekend robocall informing her of “President Biden’s tax debt compromise program” and offering help eliminating or reducing back taxes.  This scam is similar to many other scams where unscrupulous scammers offer non-existent help eliminating tax debts.  The first thing to be aware of is that there is no such program described as a “tax debt compromise program” although there has long been an IRS program for “Offers in Compromise” whereby in certain situations the IRS will reduce your tax bill if you qualify..  However, if such a solicitation comes as a robocall, it is a scam because it is illegal to contact you for such services through a robocall.


There are many unscrupulous scammers offering to get you a reduction in your income taxes owed and they generally make wild misrepresentations of what they can do for you.  If you do have issues with owed income tax you may be eligible for the IRS Offers in Compromise program.  The requirements for eligibility for this program can be complicated and if you are considering it, you should contact a legitimate CPA for assistance rather than using the services of someone or some company of questionable legitimacy.  You should also investigate anyone who you hire for tax relief to determine if they are legitimate and if complaints have been made against them before retaining them for such a sensitive purpose.

For information about the IRS Offers in Compromise program you can go to the IRS website where it describes the program in detail.  https://www.irs.gov/payments/offer-in-compromise

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