As many companies, universities and government agencies now require that employees and students be vaccinated against COVID-19, some people are still refusing to get vaccinated although getting the vaccine is the best and safest way to protect yourself and the people with whom you come into contact.  This has provided an opportunity for criminals to provide counterfeit vaccination cards to people not wanting to get the vaccine, but still wanting to have access to places that require vaccination.  In recent weeks custom officials have seized more than 14 shipments of counterfeit vaccination cards sent from China.  Unlike driver’s licenses which generally have sophisticated security features such as holograms to discourage counterfeiting, vaccination cards are relatively unsophisticated in nature and relatively easy to counterfeit.  Despite this, Custom officials have described many of the seized counterfeit vaccination cards as low quality with typographical errors and unfinished words.  Using a counterfeit vaccination card is a federal offense as well as a violation of state laws as well.


Buying a fake vaccination card online is a risky venture.   You may pay and get nothing in return or you may get an obviously bogus vaccination card that puts you at increased risk of legal prosecution. It is much simpler and safer to get vaccinated.  It is free and provides protection from the Coronavirus for you and the people with whom you come into contact.    Finally, purchasing a counterfeit vaccination card online also puts you in danger of being blackmailed by the criminal selling you the card who can threaten to alert authorities of your use of the counterfeit card.

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