High quality wigs worn by many celebrities, such as Dolly Parton, are very popular and they also can be expensive.  The Better Business Bureau is reporting about a scam being perpetrated on Instagram and others social media where the scammers pose as influencers who are professional wig stylists who provide wigs to celebrities and are offering them for sale to the public.  Victims of the scam who order wigs from the scammer are told to pay though Zelle or Venmo.  This is a tip off that this is a scam.  As I have advised you in the past, you should never pay for a commercial transaction using Zelle, Venmo or any other P2P payment service.  See this previous Scam of the day in which I described the problems that can occur if you use Zelle or Venmo for a commercial transaction.https://scamicide.com/2020/08/19/scam-of-the-day-august-20-2020-the-risks-of-zelle-venmo-and-other-payment-service-apps/

Victims of this scam either received substandard wigs or, in some instances, nothing at all and when they attempted to contact the scammer to ask for their money back, they got no response.


If you are considering making a purchase from a social media influencer, investigate them before you make a purchase.  It is easy to do a Google search to see if there are complaints against them or if they are legitimate.

Never use Zelle, Venmo or other P2P for commercial transactions.  Also do not use your debit card for commercial purchases either because they do not provide the consumer protection you get when you use a credit card for a commercial purchase.  Only use your credit card for such transactions.

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