We are rapidly approaching the end of the semester for many college students and scholarly term papers are a requirement at the end of the semester for many students.  Unfortunately, some students hire companies to write their term papers for them which these students than submit as their own work. This is both plagiarism and cheating.  It is not, however, illegal which is why there are many companies that students are able to find through search engines that will provide academic papers.  While I find it a stretch of the language to consider these companies legitimate, some are worse than others in that knowing that their customer is cheating, they will threaten to notify the student’s college or university and expose them as a cheater which could lead to serious consequences.  Extortion is a crime, however, I am not aware of students who did business with these companies filing criminal complaints.


No student should ever use these services that write academic papers for them.  It is certainly unethical and a violation of the rules of every college and university.  Further, colleges and universities have become quite adept at determining when a paper is written by a student and when it is written by one of these companies which should serve as a further disincentive for students to use their services.  Additionally, many colleges and universities have special software that can help identify plagiarized material and papers written by these companies.

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