Adobe issued its final security update for the popular, but intensely flawed Adobe Flash software in December of 2020.   In 2018 Adobe confirmed that it would stop updating and distributing Adobe Flash at the end of 2020.  Adobe has stopped supporting Adobe Flash and has been blocking Adobe Flash content from running since January 12, 2021.  Back in 2010 Steve Jobs loudly complained about Adobe Flash’s lack of security and would not allow it to used on iPhones, iPods and iPads due to its serious susceptibility to being hacked. Flaws in Adobe Flash have been exploited by hackers and identity thieves against individuals, companies and government agencies including the U.S. State Department and the White House.

Scammers are now taking advantage of people who may not be aware that Adobe Flash is no longer functioning by sending pop-ups and emails that appear to be notices from Adobe directing you to click on a link in order to update your Adobe Flash software with new security patches, however, there are no more security updates or patches being issued by Adobe.  Clicking on the links will either download malware on to your computer or take you to a website that appears to be an Adobe security update where you will be prompted to click on links that will also download dangerous malware.  All of these pop ups and emails are bogus and should be ignored.


While is is important to always update all of your software with the latest security updates as soon as they become available, it is important to remember that Adobe Flash is no longer being updated and any notice to update Adobe Flash software is a scam you should avoid.

Adobe Flash no longer should be on your computer or phone.  Here is the link with instructions as to how to remove it from your Windows operating system:

Here is the link with instructions as to how to remove Adobe Flash from your Apple devices:

Here is a link to a website with alternative plugins you may wish to consider to replace Adobe Flash.

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