The San Juan County Utah Emergency Management Office recently posted the following message copied below on its Facebook page warning people about a phony survey that is a scam intended to lure unsuspecting people into providing personal information that will be used against them to make them victims of identity theft.  The phony survey is coming to targeted victims through an email and promises $90 for merely completing the survey.

May be an image of text that says 'Pfizer COVID-19 COVID-19VACCN VACCINE SURVEY Rihwrm offering rewards rogram now, noul who COVID Free rewards! (Minimum value:$90) Free totake the survey. Provide valuable consumer data. Please be aware of this fraudulent email scam. If you happen to get this email. One red flag IS the logo is not the Pfizer logo. The other is that their corporate address for the US is in New York (not Nevada or Florida). Finally, there is nothing on their website regarding such survey. TAKE THE SURVEY NOW!'


Trust me, you can’t trust anyone.  This phony survey comes in an email from an email address that is not that of Pfizer.  Additionally, the logo used in the email does not match the official Pfizer logo.  Whenever you get an email from what may appear to be a legitimate source asking for personal information you should be skeptical.  You can never be sure who is really contacting you by email, text message or phone so you should never provide personal information in response to such communications unless you have absolutely confirmed that the communication is legitimate.  In this case, you could go to the Pfizer website where you will find out that Pfizer is not conducting such a survey.

For those of you receiving the Scam of the day through an email, I just want to remind you that if you want to see the ever increasing list of Coronavirus scams go to the first page of the website and click on the tab at the top of the page that indicates “Coronavirus Scams.”  Scamicide has been cited by the New York Times as one of three top sources for information about Coronavirus related scams.

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