Xfnity is the trade name of Comcast Cable Communication LLC, a major provider of cable television, internet, phone and wireless services.  Recently an Xfinity customer who is also a Scamicide reader reported receiving the following phishing email copied below.   As always, the purpose of a phishing email is to lure you into clicking on links contained within the email or providing personal information. If you click on the links, you end up downloading malware and if you provide the requested information, it ends up being used to make you a victim of identity theft. This particular email indicates that someone has accessed your Xfinity account and that you need to click on a link to reset your password. Don’t do it!  If you do you will provide your account information to an identity thief.  I have disarmed the link in the original phishing email  Some indications that this is a scam are that the email does not indicate your name or a account number and finally, the email address from which it was sent is not an email address of Xfinity, but most likely that of someone whose email address was hacked and made a part of a botnet. Here is the phishing email.


Did you sign in from a
new device?

Your Xfinity ID was used to sign in to your Xfinity account.


March 2, 2021, 4:34 PM EST






United States

If this looks familiar, you’re all set.

Don’t recognize this device?

Reset your password to keep your account secure.


Never click on links or download attachments in emails or text messages unless you have absolutely confirmed that they are legitimate. If you receive an email such as this and you have the slightest thought that it might be legitimate, you should call the 800 number on your bill to confirm that it is a scam.

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