Although the actual crime occurred years ago, the news recently reported that  actor Will Smith became a victim of identity theft when Carlos Lomax, using Smith’s Social Security number and name was able to open 14 credit accounts  in Smith’s name and steal close to $33,000 worth of goods using those accounts  Eventually Lomax was caught and sentenced to 37 months in prison.  A lesson for us all here is that had Smith frozen his credit reports at each of the three major credit reporting bureaus, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, Lomax would not have been able to open those accounts even having Smith’s Social Security number.  Freezing your credit reports is the single best thing you can do to protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft.


To get the maximum protection from identity theft, it is important to freeze your credit at each of the three major credit reporting agencies. Here are links to each of them with instructions about how to get a credit freeze:

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