The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is mailing refunds to victims of a scam operated by Triangle Media Corporation which sold a variety of products online, including skin creams, electronic cigarettes and dietary supplements.  Their advertising indicated that customers would receive free trial products for which they only had to pay a small fee for the cost of shipping and handling.  However, the truth is that unwary customers were then charged up to $98.71 for products and enrolled in a continuing purchase program.    These scammers represented that the products were being offered through a “risk-free trial.,” but after convincing unwary consumers to provide their credit card numbers purportedly to cover a small shipping charge, billed their victims’ credit cards monthly for products never ordered by their victims.  The FTC shut down the scam and  is now mailing refunds to victims of the scam.  For more information about this particular refund program check out the “FTC Scam Refunds” tab in the middle of the first page of You also can find information there about the mailing of the refund checks.


It is always important to read the “fine print” in any contract for the ordering of products.  Rarely will you find anything “fine” in fine print, but in many scams, buried within the long agreement will be a term to which never agreed upon. Also, it is important each month to carefully go through the charges on your credit cards to make sure that there are no fraudulent charges.  The earlier you catch a problem, the easier it is to fix it. Finally, in regard to obtaining a refund from the FTC, there is no cost or fee to file a claim or get a refund.  Anyone who tells you differently is trying to scam you.

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