In yet another Coronavirus related scam, criminals posing as Medicare employees are calling people offering “Covid-19 kits,” “Coronavirus packages” or Medicare benefits related to the Coronavirus.  During the course of the call the scammer tells you that in order to qualify for these various benefits they need to verify your Social Security number, Medicare number or even your bank account number, however there are no such benefits, it is not a Medicare employee calling you and if you provide the requested information, you will end up becoming a victim of identity theft.  Even if your Caller ID indicates that the call is coming from Medicare, scammers are able to manipulate your Caller ID through a simple technique called “spoofing” to make their call appear legitimate when it is not.  Here is a link to an audio recording of an actual scam call.



Medicare is not calling people to offer “Covid-19 kits” or any other Coronavirus related material.  Medicare will not communicate with you by email, text message or phone call.  They will only communicate with you by regular mail.  Whenever you receive a phone call, text message or email, you can never be sure who is actually contacting you so you should never provide personal information in response to such a communication unless you have absolutely confirmed that the communication is legitimate.

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