Since February I have been continuously warning you about a myriad of Coronavirus related scams and with good reason.  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently reported that in just the first nine days of April, they had received complaints of losses due to Coronavirus scams of 7 million dollars.  When added to the 4.8 million dollars worth of losses due to Coronavirus scams reported to the FTC from the beginning of the year until March 31st, the total for the year is close to 12 million dollars and this figure is probably low because it is likely that many scam victims didn’t report being scammed.  If the scams continue to increase at their present rate, the amount lost to Coronavirus scams could well reach more than 100 million dollars by July.  This is why here at Scamicide I believe it is important to inform you of all of the Coronavirus scams that are preying upon unwary people and give you tips on how to avoid those scams.  To date, I have warned you about 19 different Coronavirus scams and I will be writing about many more in the days and weeks ahead.  Among the scams about which I have written are scams involving fake Coronavirus related products, pump and dump securities fraud, robocalls, work at home  scams, stimulus check scams and more.


The FTC has set up a new website with much helpful information about a wide variety of Coronavirus scams which you can reach through this link.

In addition, I urge you to check the section of Scamicide which informs you of many Coronavirus scams and how to protect yourself from those scams.  Go to the first page of the blog and click on the red tab at the top of the first page where it states “Coronavirus Scams” and it will take you to the long list of Coronavirus Scams.  I urge you to let your friends and family know about Scamicide so I can help more people avoid these scams.

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