While as I write today’s Scam of the day, Congress has not yet passed legislation authorizing checks or direct deposit payments to Americans to help them through the financial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, initial proposals provide for approximately 250 billion dollars to be sent to Americans to help them through this tough time. Although this is a very good thing for many people, it is certainly going to be exploited by scammers who have no conscience whatsoever.  What we will be seeing shortly  are scams where the scammers posing as government employees will be contacting you asking you to pay a fee in order to receive your government check.  The truth is that if and when the legislation is passed and checks start being sent out, they will not require the payment of a fee of any kind to be eligible to receive a check.  Other scammers will be posing as government officials and asking for your Social Security number, bank account number or credit card number in order for you to qualify for a payment.  The truth here is that the government will not ask for any of this information in order to process your check.  Finally, if you are contacted at this time by someone who tells you that they can get you an expedited check now, they are a scammer.  There are no expedited payments.


Trust me, you can’t trust anyone.  Whenever you are contacted on the phone, by email or text message, you cannot be sure who is really contacting you.  Even if your Caller ID indicates the call is from a legitimate federal agency such as the Treasury Department, it is easy for a scammer to “spoof” that number and make it appear on your Caller ID even if the call is coming from another number.  In regard to the soon to be approved checks to be sent to Americans to help them through the financial crisis created by the coronavirus pandemic, you will not have to make a payment or provide personal information in order to receive your check.  Once the legislation is approved, I will let you know exactly how the program will work so you can collect your money and avoid being scammed.  Please share this Scam of the day with your friends and family and let them know about http://www.scamicide.com so we can help more people avoid being scammed during this vulnerable time.

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