The coronavirus continues to be primary in the minds of everyone around the world.  Many people are responding to the crisis by giving to charities that are helping purchase medical supplies and providing assistance to people affected by the pandemic.   Unfortunately natural disasters like this are quick to be exploited by scammers posing as charities seeking to help victims of the coronavirus outbreak, however, instead of collecting funds to help the sick, these scam artists steal the money for themselves under false pretenses. Charities are not subject to the federal Do Not Call List so even if you are enrolled in the Do Not Call List, legitimate charities are able to contact you by phone. The problem is that whenever you are contacted on the phone, you can never be sure as to who is really calling you so you may be contacted either by a phony charity or a scammer posing as a legitimate charity. Similarly, when you are solicited for a charitable contribution by email or text message you cannot be sure as to whether the person contacting you is legitimate or not.


Never provide credit card information over the phone to anyone whom you have not called or in response to an email or text message. Before you give to any charity, you may wish to check out the charity with where you can learn whether or not the charity itself is a scam. You can also see how much of the money that the charity collects actually goes toward its charitable purposes and how much it uses for fund raising and administrative costs.  Charity Navigator has a listing of specific charities that it has vetted that are good choices for anyone wishing to help the victims of the coronavirus pandemic.  Among the charities recommended by Charity Navigator for the coronavirus victims are CDC Foundation and Heart to Heart International.  You can find specific information about these charities and other recommended charities at

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