The Super Bowl, which will be played tomorrow in Miami between the Kansas City Chiefs and the  San Francisco 49ers promises to be a hugely popular event with an estimated viewing audience of well more than a hundred million people.  Following the game, many people will be be purchasing official Super Bowl merchandise, such as jerseys and caps.  While it is relatively easy to examine merchandise when you purchase it at a brick and mortar store for the substandard quality of counterfeit merchandise as shown by low quality fabrics, loose stitching and off-center logos, you can never be sure when you buy Super Bowl merchandise online as to whether it is legitimate or not.  Official NFL merchandise will have a hologram tag attached to the item, which is readily apparent in a store, but not when purchasing online.


When buying Super Bowl merchandise online, the same rules for purchasing anything online apply.  If the price looks too good to be true it generally is.  Also, you are better off buying from established companies with good reputations and always pay with a credit card rather than a debit card because if it is a scam, it is simpler and easier to cancel the order with your credit card at less risk than if your debit card is used for such a purchase.

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