Anything that is currently in the news or popular with the public is fodder for scam artists, the only criminals we refer to as artists.  As I mentioned in the January 22, 2020 Scam of the day, the United States Census Bureau is conducting a national census as it is required by law to do every ten years and scammers are already attempting to exploit this fact.  In the January 22, 2020 Scam of the day, I warned you in detail about how scammers are and will be attempting to get you to provide personal information that they will use for identity theft purposes under the guise of being official census workers.  By the way, archives all of the Scams of the day and is a good place to go to find information about any scam about which you may have concerns.  Scamicide has more than 3,000 Scams of the day contained in our archives, which you can access at

Today’s census related scam is about scammers posting job applications for people interested in temporary positions with the Census Bureau.  As with so many scams, this scam exploits a kernel of truth, which is that the Census Bureau is seeking people to fill thousands of temporary positions.  However, the scammers are using this as an opportunity to make you a victim of identity theft or steal your money.  In one version of these census job scams, you are asked to pay an application fee in order to apply for a job.  The truth is that no federal agency including the Census Bureau  that charges an application fee.  In another census job scams they ask you for your bank account information in order to set up a direct deposit of your wages, however, the scammers use that information to steal directly from your bank account.  In yet another census job scam, the scammer asks for your Social Security number for purposes of tax withholding.  Although legitimate employers need this information, the scammer will just use your Social Security number to make you a victim of identity theft.  Finally, in another census job related scam, they actually send you a check, however the check is made out for an amount more than what they indicate is actually owed to you and ask you to wire them back the difference.  Of course, the check that they send you is counterfeit, however, the funds that you wire back to the scammers comes right out of your bank account and is all but impossible to get back.


In order to make sure that you are actually applying for a real job with the Census Bureau you should exclusively to the Census Bureau’s official website and job application page which is

An indication that you are involved with a scam is when you receive a check for more than what is owed you and you are asked to wire the difference back to the sender. This is the basis of many scams. Whenever you receive a check, wait for your bank to tell you that the check has fully cleared before you consider the funds as actually being in your account. Don’t rely on provisional credit which is given after a few days, but which will be rescinded once a check bounces and never accept a check for more than what is owed with the intention to send back the rest. That is always a scam. Also be wary whenever you are asked to wire funds  because this is a common theme in many scams because it is difficult to trace and impossible to stop.

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