Young people have been using fake IDs in order to buy liquor or to get into clubs for many, many years, however, now in the Internet age, obtaining a fake ID carries tremendous risks of being scammed or becoming a victim of identity theft.  It has been estimated that as many as 80% of college students have used fake IDs.  In 2015 I told you about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s warning that buying a fake ID is a risky enterprise that can lead to the purchaser becoming a victim of identity theft after providing sensitive information to the maker of the fake ID.   Now we have the unusual story of a Canadian teenager who actually called the Ontario Provincial Police to complain that he never received the fake ID he paid for and ordered online. In many instances, the companies offering fake IDs online are based in foreign countries and merely take the money, generally a hundred dollars or more, of unwary victims and never send anything in return.  As for the cheated young consumers, they are left without recourse because with the obvious exception of the Canadian teenager, most do not go to the police complaining that the company selling them an illegal fake ID didn’t provide the product and even if they did report the scam to the police, there is nothing that can be done to get the money back from the companies located overseas.  The most common form of fake ID sold on the internet is a phony driver’s license and some of them are actually well copied counterfeits, but they certainly are not worth the risk.


Buying a fake ID online is just too risky a venture.  Providing personal information that is often requested for these fake IDs is just an invitation to becoming a victim of identity theft.  In addition, when buying illegal goods, you can’t be sure that you will ever get anything in return for the money or Bitcoins you pay before you ever receive anything.   Finally, using a fake ID is a crime and if you are caught, you are in serious trouble.  The bottom line is that young students would be smart to avoid buying fake IDs.  Parents should warn their children of  the consequences of fake IDs.

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