In Shakespeare’s play Henry V, the king utters the phrase, “once more unto the breach, dear friends,” and so it is, because once more we have learned of a massive data breach.  This time it is DoorDash, the food delivery service.  While the data breach was only revealed earlier this week by DoorDash, the actual data breach occurred on May 4th.  Information stolen in the data breach included names, delivery addresses and the last four numbers on credit cards and debit cards as well as other personal information of 4.9 million DoorDash customers.  Fortunately, the credit card and debit card information would not be sufficient to enable a criminal to use those cards.  Here is a link to the official announcement of DoorDash.


If you have been a customer of DoorDash, you should check your credit card or debit card statements carefully for any indication of fraudulent use of your card.  Under federal law, the holder of a credit card used for fraudulent purposes cannot be assessed more than $50 for such use and most credit card companies charge nothing, but it is important to report any improper use of your card to your credit card issuer promptly. However, the potential liability of a person whose debit card has been compromised can reach the entire bank account tied to the card if the card owner does not report the crime promptly and even if the card owner does report the theft promptly, the debit card owner’s access to his or her own bank account is frozen while the bank investigates the crime.  It is for this reason that consumers should refrain from using their debit cards for anything other than an ATM card. Use a credit card for all of your card purchases to achieve greater consumer protection.  In addition, you should regularly monitor the bank account tied to your debit card in order to discover as soon as possible if fraudulent use of your debit card has occurred so that you can report it to the bank and limit your liability.

Even if you were not affected by this data breach, you should consider this data breach as an opportunity to consider how protected you are from future data breaches.  Regular monitoring of your credit card and debit card usage is very important for everyone.

If you have not yet frozen your credit with each of the three major credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, you should do so now to protect yourself from possible identity theft. It is free and easy to do.

To get the maximum protection from identity theft, it is important to freeze your credit at each of the three major credit reporting agencies. Here are links to each of them with instructions about how to get a credit freeze:

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