With over a billion users, Instagram is extremely popular and once again, anything popular with the public is popular with scammers.  Recently there have been reports that many Instagram users  have had their accounts hacked and taken over. In many instances the hackers changed the username, image and email address associated with the account. Some of the hacked accounts were entirely deleted while in other instances pictures of cartoon characters were inserted as profile pictures. Many of the new email addresses associated with the taken over accounts carried the Russian domain of .ru although if this was the work of Russian hackers, it does not appear to be that of very sophisticated hackers. Hackers of Instagram accounts often use the hacked accounts to send out spam and lure your friends into scams by posing as you on Instagram.


If your account was hacked and you received an email from Instagram informing you of a change in your email address, you should click on the link marked “revert this change” to revert back to your proper email address. You should then promptly change your password to a new complex password and change your email address to a new and more secure email address. You also should enable dual factor authentication for your account for additional security. For additional tips on what to do if your account was hacked, use this link to the Instagram Help Center. https://help.instagram.com/368191326593075

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