Google Calendar is a convenient service that helps you organize your schedule.  However, many people are not aware that if they do not adjust their settings, Google Calendar will post meetings or events that are not real, but are just phishing attempts by scammers to lure you into clicking on links which will download malware that can result in your becoming a victim of identity theft.  The default settings on Google Calendar permit anyone to send you an invitation to a meeting, which scammers do with a heading that will try to tempt you into clicking on a link under pretenses such as your being entitled to a cash payment for some reason.  In other instances, scammers will use Google Calendar to send out phony polls promising a reward of some kind.  Unfortunately, the only reward you get by clicking on the link to take the poll is malware.


It is always a good idea to check the settings on any tech service you use to protect your privacy as much as possible.  In the case of Google Calendar you should make sure you are not using the default settings.  Instead turn off any options that would permit any invitations to be added to your calendar.  As always, you should never click on links in any email or text message unless you have confirmed that the email or text message is legitimate.  The risk of downloading malware is too great.  Even if you have the most up to date security software on your computer, phone or other device, no security software will protect you from the latest strains of malware.

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