Square Up is a company that offers a payment processing system for small businesses that is an easy and simple way for businesses to accept credit cards.  The CEO of “Square Up” or “Square” as it is sometimes referred to, is Jack Dorsey, the same CEO of Twitter.  As always, anything popular with the public is popular with scammers who sending out phishing emails that appear to come from Square Up in which the person receiving the email is informed that he or she has received a payment. The email contains links that if clicked on will download keystroke logging malware that can steal usernames, passwords and other personal information from the victim’s computer.  Like many phishing emails, it contains an official-appearing logo and appears legitimate, but it is a scam.  Reproduced below is a copy of the email presently being circulated.  It was sent to Scamicide by one of our readers.  DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS IN THE EMAIL.

Square has sent you $29.59
Hello User,
Square has credited your Market USA Federal Credit Union account with $29.59. The funds will be available in 1-2 business days.
Visit the Square Help Center for more information on Square’s deposit schedule.
The Square Team
Visit your dashboard to disable deposit emails.


There are a number of indications that this is not a legitimate email from Square Up.  While the email address looks like it could have originated with Square Up, upon closer examination you can determine that it is not an email address of Square Up.  In addition, the salutation is merely “Hello User” rather than using the name of the person receiving the email.  This is because the same email is sent out to many people and is not personalized by the scammers.  The email also does not indicate an account number.

If you receive an email such as this and believe that it might be legitimate, you should merely contact Square Up at a telephone number that you know is accurate to confirm that this is a scam.  Never click on links in emails or text messages unless you have absolutely confirmed that they are legitimate.  The risk of downloading malware is too great.

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