Record numbers of people took advantage of the Amazon Prime Days shopping sales earlier this week with estimates of sales in excess of the traditional sales figures for Black Friday and Cyber Monday at the start of the holiday shopping season.   Deliveries of the items purchased through Amazon is now going on and scammers are eager to take advantage of the people awaiting the items they purchased by sending out phishing emails that appear to be from UPS or Federal Express in which the scammers indicate that there have been problems with the deliveries and that more information is needed including credit card numbers in order to complete the deliveries.   Of course, this is merely a clever ploy to lure you into providing your credit card number to a scammer.


If you did not order anything, you can assume that this is a scam although if you contact the scammers they will tell you that someone purchased a gift that is being delivered to you.  Remember my motto, trust me, you can’t trust anyone.  If you get this kind of email and have any thoughts that it might be legitimate, you should not respond by providing personal information of any kind to the person contacting you  and certainly do not provide your credit card number which is not needed by any delivery service.  Instead you should contact the delivery company directly through their websites which are and

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