In May 4th’s Scam of the day I warned you about a website offering pirated versions of the Aventers: Endgame movie that not only wouldn’t provide you with the movie, but would also lure you into providing credit card information to an identity thief.  The list of popular legal apps for viewing movies, television shows and other video content is long and includes most notably Netflix as well as Hulu, SlingTV, Amazon Prime Video and YouTubeTV.  However there are also numerous illegal apps that offer pirated videos.  Unfortunately, in many instances, these illegal apps are maintained by cybercriminals whose goal is to use those apps to spread malware that can infect other devices tied to your wireless network.  These apps can then steal your passwords and gain access to your bank accounts and other companies with which you do business online as well as steal your credit card information and other personal information that can be used to make you a victim of identity theft.


The easy way to avoid this danger is quite simple and also quite ethical.  Don’t watch pirated content.  Don’t watch it through illegal video streaming apps or any other way that you can access these videos.  If you are not paying for the copyright protected content, you are hurting the creative people who make the movies and other videos you like and you are breaking the law.  In addition, you will always be running the risk of unwittingly downloading malware on to your electronic devices that can have terrible consequences.

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