I didn’t realize that the endorsement of Judge Judy would convince people into purchasing skin care products, but apparently scammers believe so because a number of ads are appearing for skin care products which claim to be endorsed by Judge Judy, all of which are scams. Judge Judy recently texted her lack of involvement with anyone selling skin care products. These types of scams often appear on Facebook and other social media. They generally offer a free sample of the product with the only cost being a small shipping charge. Unfortunately, in order to receive the “free” sample you need to agree to the terms and conditions. Victims of the scam fail to read the terms and conditions which typically indicate that if you do not cancel the order and return the product within fourteen days, you are charged the full price of the “free” product, which is often as high as $99 and to make things worse, in many of these scams, the victims unwittingly sign up for automatic monthly purchases of the product.
There never is anything “fine” in “fine print,” so it is very important to always read the terms and conditions related to any purchase that you make. You should always be wary of charges for “free” products. In this case, the small shipping charge is the excuse for the scammer to require you to provide your credit card number. As for celebrity endorsements, they are frequently falsely claimed by scammers and should always make you a bit skeptical.
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