The popularity of Netflix makes it a preferred subject for phishing emails sent to people appearing to come from Netflix in which you are told you need to update your credit card information or asking for other personal information.  I have written about a number of these phishing emails in past Scams of the day. In the version of the scam that is presently circulating, you are again asked to provide account and credit card or debit card payment information. In regard to your payment information, the phishing email reads “”We face some difficulties with the current billing information of your own. We will try again, but please at the same time you update your payment details.” The poor grammar is an indication that this is a scam that probably is originating in a country where English is not the primary language. Interestingly, if you provide all of the requested information, you are then directed to the real Netflix home page. This is done to make the phishing email look legitimate.
As I always say, “trust me, you can’t trust anyone.”  You can never be truly sure when you receive an email seeking personal information such as your credit card number whether or not the email is a scam.  The risk of clicking on a link or providing the requested information is just too high. Instead, if you think that the email might be legitimate, you should contact the company at a telephone number that you know is legitimate and find out whether or not the email was a scam.
As for Netflix in particular, it will never ask in an email for any of your personal information so anytime you get an email purportedly from Netflix asking for your credit card number, Social Security number or any other personal information, it is a scam.  Here is a link to Netflix’s security page for information about staying secure in regard to your Netflix account.
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