With the high cost of prescription drugs, many people are turning to buying their prescription drugs over the internet from foreign pharmacies, particularly in Canada where the prices are attractive and the quality control is good.  However, this presents an opportunity for scammers which they have recently been exploiting in multiple ways.  The first way is through phony online pharmacies which do not deliver the prescription drugs that they promise.  Another scam was the topic of a recent warning by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to consumers about letters presently being sent that appear to come from the FDA or some other agency threatening prosecution of consumers purchasing prescription drugs from illegal online pharmacies. The FDA does not target individual purchasers of prescription drugs from online pharmacies for prosecution and is not sending these letters.
Although it is still technically illegal to purchase prescription drugs from Canada either directly or over the internet, federal officials using enforcement discretion as provided by law generally do not get involved with prescription drug shipments for personal consumption.  The first thing anyone considering ordering prescription drugs from Canada should do is make sure that they are dealing with a legitimate Canadian pharmacy that requires a prescription from an American doctor.  It is easy to research this online.  Secondly, if anyone contacts you purporting to be from the FDA or the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) threatening arrest for your personal prescription drug purchases, ignore them.  They are scammers.
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