More than a billion people use the WhatsApp mobile messaging app that helps you send text messages, photographs, videos and audio.  Due to its extreme popularity, it is not surprising that WhatsApp has become an attractive platform for scammers. I have reported to you for years about the various scams targeting WhatsApp users.    The most recent WhatsApp scam involves a vulnerability recently uncovered by the cybersecurity company Check Point Software technologies which said that hackers are able to exploit a vulnerability in Whatsapp software to intercept and manipulate messages sent by people in a group conversation and spread misinformation. By using the “quote” feature, the hacker can alter the text of a message from one of the legitimate participants in the conversation. The hacker can make it appear that the message sent by the cybercriminal was from one of the legitimate participants in the group conversation. This flaw could be exploited by cybercriminals for numerous types of scams and criminal activities.
WhatsApp hasn’t patched this vulnerability yet so the best course of action is to follow my motto of “trust me, you can’t trust anyone.” Be particularly skeptical in responding to any group message that requires you to provide personal information or offers some kind of business opportunity or other activity that involves money.
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