Next week a new law will go into effect to combat deed scams. I have been warning you about these scams since 2012, but there seems to be a resurgence of this scam around the country. The scam begins with a call, email or letter informing you of the importance of having a copy of the deed to your home.  Often these scammers will charge you up to $90 to obtain a copy of your deed for you.  Having an actual copy of your deed is not very important once it has been recorded in the local Registry of Deeds, however it is still a good record to keep.  However, obtaining a copy of your deed on your own from your local Registry of Deeds is both simple and rarely costs more than a couple of dollars at the most. The Ohio law requires specific disclosures to consumers be made when a fee is requested to obtain a copy of a deed on your behalf. The disclosure must include the actual cost charged by the Registry of Deeds for a deed copy as well as prohibiting charging a fee more than four times the cost charged by the Registry of Deeds.
This is an easy scam to avoid. If you get such a call, email or letter, merely ignore it.  If you want a copy of your deed, merely contact your local Registry of Deeds where you can get one for a nominal cost.
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