More than a billion people use the WhatsApp mobile messaging app that helps you send text messages, photographs, videos and audio.  Due to its extreme popularity, it is not surprising that WhatsApp has become an attractive platform for scammers. I have reported to you for years about the various scams targeting WhatsApp users.    The most recent WhatsApp scam involves a message that says “Heineken is giving away 4 Barrels” with a link to get your free beer. This is a scam and is not related to any promotion or campaign of the real Heineken company. Similar types of free Heineken beer scams have appeared using Twitter and Facebook. The scammer is merely trying to lure you into clicking on a malware infected link which can lead to identity theft or downloading ransomware. Alternatively, clicking on the link may take you to a website where you are required to enter personal information which is then used to make you a victim of identity theft.
Never click on a link in an email or text message until you have independently confirmed that it is legitimate.  The risk of downloading malware is too great.  Even if your computer or other electronic device is protected with anti-virus and anti-malware security software, the best security software is always at least thirty days behind the latest malware.  Trust me, you can’t trust anyone when it comes to clicking on links.  Even if the link is contained in a communication that appears to come from a person or company you trust, you should always verify that it is legitimate before clicking on the link. In the case of companies offering free gifts or great deals, you should go to the company’s legitimate website where you can find any real promotion or gift being offered.
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