The FTC is mailing thousands of checks totaling 2.2 million dollars to the victims of a telemarketing scam through which the scammers promised substantial income to people who paid for their work-at-home Internet business coaching services. The scammers used various names to perpetrate their scams including Professional Learning Institute, Pinnacle Learning Institute, Advantage Education and Discover Education. If you were a victim of this scam you should be receiving a check in the mail shortly. For more information about this scam you can go to the top of the first page of the Scamicide website and click on the tab entitled “FTC Scam Refunds.”
It is important to remember that there is no charge to victims to be eligible for these cash refunds nor will you be required to provide personal financial information. If you are contacted by someone seeking payment to become eligible for the refund or asking for personal financial information pertaining to receiving your check, he or she is just another scammer.
While there are legitimate work-at-home opportunities, many scammers lure people into phony work-at-home schemes that are merely scams. As always, if it sounds too good to be true, it generally is. Never invest in a work-at-home scheme unless you have thoroughly investigated the company offering the program and the program itself. In addition, work-at-home programs that pay you merely to reship goods sent to you are often part of a larger scam where stolen credit cards are used to purchase goods that are sent to you to reship to an accomplice of the original scammer as a part of money laundering. In that scam, you may not only risk losing money to a scammer, but even becoming an accessory to a crime.