Image sharing website, Imgur announced last Friday that it had just learned that it suffered a data breach in 2014 in which information from 1.7 million accounts was stolen.  The information stolen was limited to email addresses and passwords, which may make it appear that the dangers posed by this data breach are not serious, but that is not entirely correct, particularly if the victims of the data breach use the same password for all of their accounts including, for instance, online banking accounts.  In addition, the email addresses provide an opportunity to be exploited through spear phishing.
If you are an Imgur user you should immediately change your password and even if you are not an Imgur user, you should make sure that you use unique passwords for all of your online accounts.    This is not as difficult as it may initially seem.  You can use a strong base password, such as IDon’tLikePasswords!!! and then adapt it for each account you have so that you will have a secure and easy to remember password for each of your online accounts.     The base password is strong because of the use of capital letters, small letters and symbols.  Using this technique,  your Imgur password could be IDon’tLikePasswords!!!Imgur.
This data breach is also a reminder to us all that we should never click on links in emails regardless of how legitimate the email appears unless we have confirmed that it is legitimate.  Otherwise the risk of downloading malware is too great.