Everyone is concerned about security on their smartphone and passwords have too often proved to be not sufficient to protect the privacy of your device.  The new iPhone X incorporates biometrics through a facial recognition system that will provide you access to your phone simply and easily, however, as always, there is a concern about if this system can be exploited by hackers.
Recently a Vietnamese research team called Bkav claimed to have breached the security of the iPhone X’s facial recognition system by utilizing a 3D printer, a hand-sculpted nose and a custom skin surface to create a mask that was able to hack the phone.
While some people are skeptical as to whether or not Bkav actually did manage to hack the phone, even if they did manage to do so, the level of effort required and technological sophistication is such that ordinary users of the iPhone X face little risk of having their facial recognition system hacked.
Regardless of the type of smartphone you have there are a few steps that you should take to keep your phone secure.
First and foremost you should lock your phone with a PIN or a password.  Some phones will allow you to use biometrics that unlock your phone with your fingerprint.  You also should encrypt the data stored on your phone and backup everything you store on your phone in the cloud or on your computer.  It is also important to enable your phone to wipe out all of the data in your phone remotely so that if it is stolen, you can immediately delete the data contained in your phone.  You also should use a tracking app to locate your phone if it is lost or stolen.
There are many other tips that you should follow to use your phone safely and securely, but those are for another day.