The Dark Overlord an infamous hacking group that has been behind many high profile hackings including the hacking into a production studio connected to Netflix has apparently hacked London Bridge Plastic Surgery (LBPS), one of the leading cosmetic surgery clinics in the UK and is threatening to release the names and photographs of patients of LBPS  including those of genitalia and breast enhancement surgeries.  The services of London Bridge Plastic Surgery has been used by many celebrities and even, supposedly, by members of the Royal family.
At this time an extortion demand has not been made, but, assuming The Dark Overlord follows his usual pattern, a demand can be expected shortly.
This is yet another example of the fact that regardless of how vigilant you are at protecting your privacy, you are only as secure as the places with the weakest security that have your personal data, photographs or anything related to you.  The key, in particular, when you do business with any person, company or other entity that will have anything you would want to keep private, is to inquire as to what they do to protect your privacy and security.  Too many companies and other entities fail miserably at taking basic security precautions including encryption.