The phishing email reproduced below is presently being circulated.  Network Solutions is a legitimate company that acts primarily as a website domain name registration company.  As phishing emails go, this one is very good containing good graphics and proper grammar.  As is generally the case with such phishing emails, it is an attempt to lure you into providing personal information, in this case by luring people into calling them for further information about the backing up of data.
We’re updating your email service and need you to back up some of your information

Dear Customer,
We’re writing to let you know Network Solutions will be updating your email service platform over the next few months. This update will provide you with new features, improved capabilities and a new look for your dashboard.
We don’t anticipate any disruptions to your service. However, there is some stored data you will need to save and back up as we are unable to transfer it over. Specifically, your file storage, photos, notes and any contact distribution lists will need to be saved. Not saving these files will result in their loss.
You’ll receive an additional notice once the update is complete. If you have questions or concerns, please contact customer support at XXXXXXXXXXX.
Network Solutions Customer Support

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Whenever you get an email requesting personal information or asking you to click on links, you cannot be sure that it is legitimate until you have personally confirmed it by contacting the real company at a phone number or email address that you know is legitimate.  In this particular case, this email was forwarded to me by someone who did not have an account with Network Solutions so she knew it was a scam.  Clicking on links tainted with malware or providing personal information to a scammer can easily lead to identity theft.